1. I jst signe in last wik thursday with 12500 and up till now i have nt get anybody 2register under me what is the possibility for me to get 50k?

      1. Hi, i registered since secomd week i of december and i have been matced with two people but they didn’t pay me what should i do next.

  2. I registered for ultimatecycler in 24th November 2016.I have been unable to bring anyone. how can I get my 50 000 naira

    1. this website is created by a registered team in ultimate cycler, so we only help those in our team to get their own downlines as well as their 50K

  3. My name is EKOMOBONG NDIOK ,I have paid the sum of #12500 naira to some body since last month but up till now I have not receive my own payment pls what happened? this is my details; Username: Ekomndiok2, password: 07062983844

  4. I registered since November 2016 & I have paid also but I have not be able to register anybody since then. Pls admin,what will happen to my 12500? Pls has it gone? Or will they pay me later?

  5. I have signed since November or October with 12500 and until now I have not been Abel to signe anybody how can I get 50k or better still my 12500 please reply

  6. I registered after the system upgrade, and I’m yet to get down lines. Its past two weeks already, Can I still have hope of spillovers?

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  8. I registered in December 2016 till date I have not been paid ,please what should I do next to get my money back, I take God name beg uwna.

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